A New Book by Marnie Sinclair

This book shows the progression of my understanding of climate change. It begins with the wonder of Nature’s balance, it explores some ways we have negatively impacted specific species, it describes how climate change is degrading the planet’s environment, and it ends with a celebration of Nature’s ability to adapt to the changes we have imposed upon the planet. I want this book to challenge, enlighten, and inspire you to action. We are surrounded by the extraordinary natural world that inspires me every day and gives me confidence in our future. I hope my artwork brings you inspiration and hope as well.

This book is a culmination of 7 years of research on climate change, environmental degradation, and the perfect balance in nature, which primarily features how plants communicate with each other. Each scientifically researched story has a corresponding piece of art which is my interpretation of that particular story.

Balance & Imbalance, A Celebration of Nature and a Call to Action
8" x 8", softcover, 54 pages

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