Stellar Legs

mixed media
6' circumference X 4' high 

Plastic (can’t be recycled), hardware cloth, wire, rope, buttons, and paint. Stella is collecting plastic trash for the can that she is straddling. Her skin is made of plastic and plastic detritus fills the body

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Marnie Sinclair sculpture, "Stella"

Stella, the Octopus, is the latest addition to my 12 year environmental art project that includes pieces and stories that speak to the natural balance in nature.  Also in this series are 2D and 3D pieces that feature environmental degradation resulting from an imbalance created by man’s influence on the natural world.

The octopus is perfectly adapted to its environment and is a master of survival, from instant camouflage, to speedy propulsion and the ability to shoot nasty ink at predators. It is as smart as a house cat, with the ability to use tools and recognize faces. Its brain is distributed evenly in its eight arms/legs with the suckers used for sensitive touch. It has three hearts that pump blue blood to its organs and gills. It doesn’t have any bones in its body which allows it to compress into tiny places and escape harm. These extraordinary sea creatures are compromised like all others by the immense amount of plastic that is now found littering every water body on the planet. We must correct this imbalance.