Welcome to my website. You will find a wide variety of styles and mediums used to express my appreciation for the grand beauty found in Nature.

I have always been inspired by how inventive and magical nature can be in assuring the survival of each species, whether through patterns, shapes, camouflage, or cleverness, we all fit together with a precision and balance that is second to none. My work speaks to that perfect balance.

Sinclair Gallery Video — by Lori's Maine Inspirations

Here's a video created to show a little about my gallery.

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Art and Environmental Activism Video Talk

Marnie Sinclair sculpture "Ice Melt"My talk for O.N.E follows the theme of balance in nature as witnessed by the  magical adaptations and interspecies cooperation, compared to the unsustainable imbalance created by man. My narrative art and story is a softening buffer and aesthetic balance as well as counterbalance to  man's influence in nature. Please check out the various art pieces on the page so you can follow along with the story.

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